Welcome to OnTrack Canine Massage Therapy

My name is Samantha Buckenham and I run 'OnTrack Canine Massage Therapy' from my base in Louth, Lincolnshire -  a career that combines my love of the biological sciences with my love of dogs.

As a qualified member of The Canine Massage Guild, I am dedicated to improving the quality of life of dogs by reducing pain and increasing the mobility of those dogs with soft tissue injuries, such as a strain or sprain, or orthopaedic conditions such as arthritis or hip dysplasia.

Therapeutic massage is also invaluable in helping working and sporting dogs to maintain and improve their performance by identifying and rehabilitating soft tissue injuries and helping them to avoid re-injury.


About me...

After completing my degree at Leeds University I worked as a dietician and tutor in nutrition until fairly recently, however I have always owned and loved dogs and previously competed in agility and trained a Search & Rescue dog to licensed level. 

I first became interested in Canine Massage Therapy after looking for ways to help my young Border collie who has serious orthopaedic problems. Massage therapy has enabled Fingal (pictured above) to live a full and active life and I was so impressed with the results that I took the 2 year Diploma in Canine Massage Therapy, studying with the highly respected Natalie Lenton of The Canine Massage Centre, in order to be able to help other dogs and their owners in similar situations. 


Qualifications and Courses

Diploma in Canine Massage Therapy - externally accredited and involving over 800 hours of study, including canine anatomy, physiology, neurological and orthopaedic conditions, advanced palpation, gait and postural analysis, many hours of tutor guided hands-on experience, an externship of 8 case studies and a full weekend of written and practical exams. 

Think Dog! Certificate in Canine Behaviour and Training

Talk Dog! Certificate in Canine Body Language and Expression

Canine and Feline First Aid Techniques


A definite 5 star from me, on behalf of my 11 year old retired racing greyhound. I had been looking for a qualified canine massage therapist for ages and was delighted when Sam asked if Jasper could be one of her case studies.

Sam's knowledge of anatomy and physiology, combined with her understanding of dog behaviour, meant that Jasper soon relaxed and began to trust her. The  sessions were all taken at Jasper's pace, and Sam identified previous racing injuries that I knew nothing about.

Jasper was noticeably improved after each session - even breaking into a full-blown run on an off lead walk (something he hadn't done for a very long time)! Regular sessions with Sam will now be the norm for Jasper

Susan (North Lincolnshire)